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When Colleen Phillips began experiencing bouts of dizziness, many blood tests revealed that her blood sugar was dangerously low, leading doctors to send her for an Endoscopic Ultrasound. The Mercy University Hospital is currently the only hospital outside Dublin that can provide this life-saving service.

This new, advanced technology detected a tumour on the outside of Colleen’s pancreas. Older equipment, once used for these tests might never have detected this and would have taken much longer. The provision of the Endoscopic Ultrasound Service at the Mercy is helping Dr Martin Buckley and his team to treat patients much quicker and significantly reduce waiting times.

“I couldn’t believe how quick the whole procedure was. My appointment was at 10 am; by lunchtime, I was able to go home; and that evening I got the shopping done – and even managed a walk. When you hear words like tumour, it’s natural to panic. However, the whole process was so quick there wasn’t time to worry.”

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Colleen’s case is one of the successful ones, where new technology and early detection played major roles. Although she had major surgery in December, thanks to the Endoscopic Ultrasound, doctors were able to make a more informed decision on the best course of action, meaning Colleen was home in time to celebrate Christmas with her family.  

“What struck me most was seeing the waiting room fill up again for the afternoon procedures as I headed home after the Ultrasound. Looking back now, it is a great comfort to think this new technology can enable so many people to be seen so quickly and can literally save lives.” – Colleen Phillips. 

As the number of cancer cases rises each year, here at the Mercy Hospital Foundation we want to do everything we can to ensure that patients are afforded the best possible care. 

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