Covid-19 Appeal

For the last two months, staff at the Mercy University Hospital have been working around the clock at the front-line of the Covid-19 crisis. We would like to thank all our amazing donors who have helped us support them so far!

They go to work every day to protect us. Now, it’s our turn to protect them.

While the HSE and our Government are funding ventilators, extra beds and extra staffing costs, other medical equipment and support will be vital in helping our staff and patients through this crisis.  

Please click here to make a donation and stand with our front-line staff during this crisis.

We expect there to be a big surge in the number of Covid-19 cases arriving at the Mercy Hospital over the coming days and weeks. This will put huge pressure on beds, space, equipment and staff. Many patients will need treatment in our ICU. Your support will help us bridge the gap between ICU and the rest of the hospital, allowing us to provide the earliest, most advanced critical care we can.

From purchasing equipment to creating mental health supports for staff, any donation you can give will quite literally help us save lives in the weeks ahead” – Dr Chris Luke, Emergency Physician, Mercy University Hospital.

Here is how your support will help our front-line staff;