The Covid-19 Appeal

For the last 8 months, staff at the Mercy University Hospital have been working around the clock at the front-line of the Covid-19 crisis. We would like to thank all our amazing donors who have helped us support them so far! To make a donation to our Covid-19 Appeal and support our amazing Front-line staff click here

They go to work every day to protect us. Now, it’s our turn to protect them.

The Mercy University Hospital is currently building a Covid Triage area of the Emergency Department to monitor Covid or potential Covid patients with Covid Isolation Rooms. The Mercy Hospital Foundation has committed to supporting this by purchasing 14 triage monitors and 2 defibrillators to help the staff to monitor and treat any Covid and potential Covid patients in the Emergency Department and ICU.  

You can help us support our front-line staff by making a donation to our Covid-19 Appeal. For more information on what your donation will help purchase see below. 

Donate to our Covid 19 Appeal

What do we need to buy? 


What is it?  

Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) are portable electronic devices used in the emergency treatment of patients who have collapsed due to a potentially fatal abnormal cardiac rhythm such as ventricular fibrillation.

What this means for patients?

The covid 19 pandemic has made the task of all those caring for seriously ill patients at the Mercy University Hospital significantly more difficult and more dangerous. New areas within the hospitals are being identified where critically ill patients who may also be suffering from covid 19 can be assessed and treated in a manner that reduces the risks to healthcare workers and other patients. Critically ill patients, regardless of the initial cause of their illness, develop an abnormal life threatening heart rhythm. For some of these patients defibrillation is an essential part of the emergency treatment of these patients. 


Triage Monitors: 

What is it? 

Traige monitors are attached to patients so they can which continuously records the patient’s vital signs ( blood pressure, heart rate, electrocardiogram, respiratory rate, oxygen levels and temperature)

What does this mean for the patients?

The Emergency Medical Team assesses and monitors the severity of illness of each individual patient using a standard triage including monitoring their vital signs. Since the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic this has increased the difficulty and dangers for both healthcare workers and other patients. Any possibility that a patient might be suffering from covid 19 means that they require to be treated in a special area, separate from other patients. These patients may be seriously ill, regardless of whether they have covid 19 or not, and need close, continuous monitoring of their vital signs such as heart rate, oxygen levels, respiratory rate and temperature.