Doctors’ Disco

Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon has been a patient of the Mercy University Hospital since November 2014. To mark her experience and to ‘give back’ to the Hospital, Sarah organised a brilliant social evening for her GP and hospital colleagues in June. The Doctors’ Disco took place at the Blue Angel Bar in the Cork Opera House and saw over 100 hard -working doctors of Cork have some well-deserved fun. The event raised a whopping €6,800 for the Mercy Hospital Foundation and we were thrilled to be part of Sarah’s efforts to acknowledge the great care she receives in the Hospital.  Sarah has a fantastic blog where she keeps track of the ‘adventures of a sick doctor‘ – check it out. Here’s a piece from the blog about the Doctors’ Disco…

Doctors' Disco for Mercy Hospital Foundation 3
It was a bit overwhelming to see so many familiar faces, last seen over a decade ago, all gathered together to share a few hours and re-ignite old friendships. And all just because I asked. God, this cancer business makes a girl fierce popular altogether.
I had to giggle a little bit at the surprised, momentarily disappointed, faces who had expected to see an emaciated baldy version of the me they used to know. Sorry folks, no freak show here. (I had to restrain myself from showing off my supersized scar though). 

I’m useless at thanking people, and at making speeches, so I didn’t do much of either last night. However, I am truly thankful to all those that came from near (Blackpool) and far (Cleveland), and in between (Waterford, Limerick, Tipperary, Dublin, Bangor, Mayo). 
Thank you to the dancers, the sitters, the chatters, the bathroom-bouncers, the Coronation-chicken-munchers, the car-got-broken-into-ers, the chocolate-bringers, the cash-payers, the Amazonian high-heel-wearers. 
The DJ and the venue people did their stuff, fair play.
A big kissy thank you to my Trusty Companion, my indomitable husband, my partner in dance crime.


For further information about Sarah’s story, visit her blog: