Mercy Christmas Appeal

 There is a long and difficult road ahead…

This is how it feels for patients at the Mercy University Hospital when they receive a cancer diagnosis. From telling their loved ones the news to the fears that lay further down the path of treatment and recovery, it is impossible not to imagine the difficult road that lies ahead. Even when the diagnosis comes with signs of a full recovery, it brings as much worry as hope. The possible pain of surgery, the length of recovery, the fear of scarring and damage from treatment, the length of time before life returns to normal, if it ever will.

This Christmas, by donating here, we can help patients at The Mercy dealing with cancer.

Louise Buckley, Gastrointestinal Cancer Nurse at the Mercy has seen first-hand the difference your support could make for cancer patients.

“When we first discuss an operation with patients their first question is usually “Will I have big scars?”


This Christmas we are fundraising for a 3D Minimally Invasive Surgery System at The Mercy. This system will enable us to do even more keyhole surgeries right here in Cork. This means patients will not need to be afraid of major scarring and their recovery time will be sped up.

By making a donation this Christmas you can invest in the future of cancer care and research in Cork.


“3D Minimally Invasive Surgery is performed through keyhole surgery and means even faster recovery, spending less time in hospital, even less pain and a quicker operation. But most importantly it makes a safer operation. When you tell patients this, you see a huge weight lifted from them. When I say “and you’ll be up walking that night” I get a few laughs or even a “ya right” but thanks to 3D Minimally Invasive Surgery they will be”.  

The 3D Minimally Invasive Surgery system we are raising funds for this Christmas can be used in kidney, liver, prostate, oesophageal, and stomach cancer. Importantly, it can also be used in cases of bowel cancer, of which Cork has the highest rate in the entire country.

Please consider donating to the Mercy Cancer Appeal this Christmas. 

At this time of year we are all busy searching for the perfect gift for loved ones. With your help we can give a gift to patients and their families that will be immeasurable.

Thank you as always for joining us and believing in the power of giving back.