Tax Efficient Giving

The Mercy Hospital Foundation can claim tax back on your donations at no cost to you!

The Mercy University Hospital Foundation can claim tax back from the Revenue Commissioners on donations of €250 (or more), in any one year. We can also claim on multiple donations in a year if they add up to over €250. Tax can only be claimed back on donations, we cannot claim tax on funds you have raised through sponsorship.

How much more will my donation be worth?

We can reclaim an extra 31% of the value of your donations if you have given €250 over the course of a year.

What do you need to do to enable Mercy Hospital Foundation make the tax claim on your donation?

Every year, we will send you a form that we need you to sign in order to claim back the tax. Once you have completed the short form all you need to do is return it to the Mercy Hospital Foundation. You can also find an online version of the form by clicking here. Your details are confidential to the Mercy Hospital Foundation and the Revenue Commissioners. If you prefer you can contact us on 021 4274076 or by click here to request your tax form from us.

What happens if you are self-assessed for tax?

As of the January 2013 budget charities can now claim back tax on donations made by self-assessed individuals.

Can companies benefit from tax relief?

If you are a company, treat your donation(s) as a normal business expense, deductible at the appropriate rate of corporation tax. If you need us to resend a donation receipt or if you require further information please phone 021 4274076 or click here to get in touch with us.