Giving for Living Radiothon

On Cork’s 96FM 24th, 25th, & 26th May 2018

The Mercy will also be holding a bumper Coffee Break for Radiothon, on Thursday, 24th of May in the Drawing Room, 1st Floor, Mercy University Hospital, from 9am-1pm. All are welcome!

How can you get involved?

  • Hold your own Coffee Break at work, home or school. Register for your Coffee Break pack now.
  • Organise a No Uniform Day in your school. Register for a No Uniform Day pack.
  • Be a Change Collector and collect coins during the run-up to Radiothon. Get your Change Box here.
  • If you are a Business, Retail Outlet or Club, and would like to collect for Radiothon, call us on 021 4223137.
  • Or maybe you’d like to become a Friend for Life by giving each month?

Funds raised from Radiothon 2017 contributed to the following at The Mercy:

  • Psycho-Oncology – Following a cancer diagnosis, patients can be upset, confused and angry. Most will cope well with support from family, friends and the medical/nursing teams. However, it is estimated that about a third of cancer patients will require professional help to overcome disabling psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression. It is to this group of patients, in particular, the MUH will offer the Psycho-Oncology service. A contribution of €16,000 from Radiothon 2017 has enabled this project to begin.
  • Tiva Pump for Cancer Surgery – These pumps are used to administer anaesthetic during major cancer surgery. Research suggests that using TIVA Pumps and their ‘intelligent’ technology during major Cancer surgeries can help reduce the risk of cancer reoccurring post-surgery.
  • Baxter Pump for St. Therese’s Oncology Unit – These electronic pumps are used to deliver nutrients, important pain-relieving medicines, and chemotherapy to cancer patients in a controlled way.
  • Profiling Bed for the Children’s Leukaemia Ward – Having cancer can be extremely challenging for a child, so a comfortable bed and a restful night’s sleep can help a child with cancer settle into hospital faster. For teenagers, independence is crucial – an Electric Profiling Bed can help a patient have greater autonomy, enabling them to move their bed into a comfortable position, without the help of a parent or nurse. 
  • ‘A Guide to Chemotherapy’ booklet – After hearing about these on Radiothon 2017, a very generous donor has come forward to fund these incredibly helpful booklets. This is given to new cancer patients before they attend St. Therese’s Oncology Unit for their first course of Chemotherapy. It offers an overview of chemotherapy, information on how the treatment works, when and how it’s given, possible side effects, and its impact on sex life and fertility. It provides advice on how to cope with the physical and emotional consequences, and facilities and services for cancer patients at the hospital. 
  • Any additional funds raised through Radiothon 2017 – In 2017 with the support of Radiothon, the Foundation was able to make a number of significant commitments to fund equipment used in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastric Cancers here at The Mercy. This included a commitment of €350,000 to ensure the continuation of the EUS service in Cork. EUS is an Ultrasound service that enables our doctors to diagnose and stage cancers of the stomach, oesophagus, and pancreas. Every year the Foundation MUST raise €100,000 to support the ongoing provision of this service, otherwise, the service will only be available in Dublin. 

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This year’s Giving for Living Radiothon will support cancer services in Cork in; the Mercy Hospital Foundation, Cork University Hospital, Marymount Hospice, Breakthrough Cancer Research and Cork Arc Cancer Support House.



If you would like to be part of Radiothon at the Mercy, contact Deirdre on 021 4223135 or email


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