Giving for Living Radiothon

On Cork’s 96FM 25th, 26th, & 27th May 2017

The Mercy will also be holding a bumper Coffee Break for Radiothon, on Friday 26th of May in the Drawing Room, 1st Floor, Mercy University Hospital, from 9am-1pm. All are welcome!

How can you get involved?

  • Hold your own Coffee Break at work, home or school. Register for your Coffee Break pack now.
  • Organise a No Uniform Day in your school. Register for a No Uniform Day pack.
  • Be a Change Collector and  collect coins during the run up to Radiothon. Get your Change Box here.
  • If you are a Business, Retail Outlet or Club, and would like to collect for Radiothon, call us on 021 4223137.
  • Or maybe you’d like to become a Friend for Life by giving each month?

Funds raised from Radiothon 2016 contributed to the following at The Mercy:

  • Bowel Cancer Genetic Tests -The first of their kind in Europe, these non-invasive tests predict the risk of recurrence of bowel cancer, in patients who are being treated for the disease. They help doctors to make informed decisions about whether or not to provide additional treatment, such as chemotherapy.
  • Patient Assistance Programme – This fund is made available to the Hospital Social Work Team to provide support to patients going through cancer treatment who may struggle to pay small household, travel or medical bills due to their illness.
  • New Mercy Cancer CARE Centre – Funds raised from Radiothon 2016 were also used to support the ongoing fundraising effort towards the planned Cancer CARE Centre.This new Centre will provide a space and a place for patients and their families from the time of their diagnosis, during treatment, and whilst they are recovering from their cancer. 
  • Profiling Beds – Electric Profiling Beds promote proper circulation, help patients feel comfortable, movie more freely while maintaining their independence during their cancer treatment. Two Electric Profiling Beds were purchased for St. Therese’s Medical Oncology Unit.
  • Patient Information Booklet – 3,000 Information booklets were printed for patients undergoing chemotherapy, explaining the side effects of their treatment, which foods to include or exclude in their diet, and information on the counselling and social services available to patients in St. Therese’s Oncology Unit.

To donate to Radiothon click here

This year’s Giving for Living Radiothon will support cancer services in Cork in; the Mercy Hospital Foundation, Cork University Hospital, Marymount Hospice, Breakthrough Cancer Research and Cork Arc Cancer Support House.



If you would like to be part of Radiothon at the Mercy, contact Shayron on 021 4223137 or email


For more information on Radiothon and how you can become involved log onto