Giving for Living Radiothon Update

One MASSIVE thank you to each and every one of you, for getting involved in the 2018 Cork’s 96FM Giving for Living Radiothon. Thank you so much for being a part of those very special three days, and for having the courage to share your stories with us -you are amazing! Across the city and county you held Coffee Breaks in your homes, offices, and creches, No Uniform Days in schools, collected loose change, organised special fundraising events, donated online, and became a Friend of Radiothon!

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the Cork public, a phenomenal €406, 863 has been raised for vital cancer services across Cork. All proceeds will be donated to the Mercy University Hospital, Cork University Hospital, Marymount University HospiceBreakthrough Cancer Research and Cork ARC Cancer Support House.

The Mercy Coffee Break

The Mercy Coffee Break for Radiothon was held on Thursday, 24th of May, when hospital staff, patients and members of the public, dropped by for a coffee and a chat! A very special thanks to Herlihy’s Centra, Fermoy for their very generous donation of cakes, and to Ryan’s Supervalu, Glanmire, Cupcake Cottage, A Touch of Magic, Red Balloon and all those who donated and supported the event. Thanks also to staff at the Mercy hospital for facilitating the event and to VM Ware and our volunteers, for giving their time to assist. Photos from the day are on our Facebook page.

You can still donate to Radiothon or to become a Friend by clicking here


Funds raised from the 2018 Giving for Living Radiothon will help with the following at the Mercy Hospital:

  • Psycho Oncology – Around 1/3 of patients will require professional support during the diagnosis and treatment phases of their cancer journey. Until 2017, there was no dedicated Psycho-Oncology service at MUH but with the support of Radiothon listeners last year, The Mercy is now only the fourth hospital in Ireland to offer a dedicated Psycho-Oncology service. We now want to make this service available to more and more patients. To ensure we are looking after the physical and mental health of patients, we need to fund an expanded service for the next 12 months.
  • EUS Programme – Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is a procedure that helps our doctors to take images of internal organs in order to diagnose and stage cancers of the oesophagus, stomach and pancreas. In 2016, this service was underfunded and reaching a critical point with the service itself being put at risk. This would have resulted in patients from Cork having to travel to Dublin even though The Mercy provides the largest service in Ireland! In order to keep this service in Cork, we must raise €100,000 in 2018 to fund the cost of the specialised equipment that is necessary to carry out this service. As a result of this funding, the Mercy Hospital expects a 37% increase in the number of patients who can now access the hospital for these tests. That’s 100 people who will get their diagnosis fast because of your support. 
  • POONS (Paediatric Oncology Outreach Nursing Service) – In Ireland, approximately 130 children are diagnosed with cancer each year and Leukaemia accounts for about one-third of childhood cancers. POONS, the only service of its kind in Ireland is a mobile nursing service that delivers treatment to children across Cork who have been diagnosed with cancer. What makes this service unique, however, is that it provides expert cancer care to children in the child’s own home. This service which delivers a huge range of benefits to the child, parents and family members including:

    1. Less time spent in the hospital….and more time spent at home
    2. Clinical expertise at the home and continuity of care including palliative care
    3. Enhanced quality of life for all the family including siblings
    4. A chance for parents to understand more clearly about their child’s illness
    5. A reduced financial burden for families
    6. Promotes school and education
    7. Psychological support and reassurance in a non-threatening environment


  • Any additional funds raised through Radiothon 2018 will help the Foundation to fund a range of projects at the Mercy including funding towards the new ‘Integrated 3D Minimally Invasive Surgery System’, the first of its kind in Ireland. Additional funds raised will also support a new Bowel Cancer Research Project at the Mercy that is looking at new approaches to treatment and surgery in the fight against Bowel Cancer.