The Mercy Raffle 2016

The Mercy Raffle 2016 – winners announced!
Well done to each and every one of you who sold tickets for The Mercy Raffle 2016. You have made such a difference to our patients at The Mercy. A massive congratulations to the winners of the Mercy Hospital 2016 Raffle!

First Prize of €2,000 goes to May O’Brien, Cork

Second Prize of €500 goes to Mary Harrington, Bantry

Where will funds raised go?

Funds raised through the raffle will to support our Stroke Appeal. 

What difference will the raffle funds make to patients dealing with a stroke at The Mercy?

This year, by supporting our Stroke Appeal, you’ll be helping patients who have lost the ability to swallow. Imagine not even being able to have a cup of tea with your family – that’s how Handwritten notebad it can be. With your support, we could purchase a new machine that will help patients regain the ability to eat and drink. 

Thank you to everyone who supported The Mercy Raffle this year.