Where do funds raised go?

Building the future on the success of the past
The Mercy Foundation was formed just over 10 years ago, and in its 10 years of fundraising, has made a transformative contribution to the Hospital.

In 2017 alone, over €1,113,012 funding was made available to current and future patient centred projects at The Mercy. This included funding for facilities, support services and equipment as well as medical research programmes. 100% of the funds were raised through the generosity of the public,  and through partnerships, grants and legacies.

Here are some of the ways you helped in 2017:



Thanks to your support, specialist training can be provided to nursing staff for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and for specialist tests to diagnose it. 

IBD affects more than 40,000 people in Ireland, causing life-changing diseases such as Crohn’s and colitis. €33,000 was also provided for the new 3D Minimally Invasive Surgery System which improves the speed and accuracy of our surgeons during complex operations. 


Dementia & Care of Older Patient 

We continued to support the Cork IDEAS Project, a cross-city Dementia Project and released funding of €72,381 to meet the needs of that service and its funder GENIO. You also helped us to raise €33,000 to help us to make the Hospital more ‘Dementia Friendly’ making it easier for those with dementia and those not yet diagnosed to find their way in the Mercy. 


Kids & Teens 

  1. POONS – €30,188 – this is the Mobile Nursing Service for children receiving cancer treatment in Cork. It allows for children to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes which can be a huge relief for both children and their parents, particularly those living far from the Mercy. It costs an average of €30,000 to ensure that this vital service can continue to care for these children where they are happiest.
  2. Kids Ward – €33,108 – We have been focussed on making the Children’s Ward and Leukaemia Unit as child-friendly as possible. This has included the redecoration and improvements in the Parents Sitting Room, replacement of televisions and gaming consoles for the wards and equipment used in the treatment and care of our youngest patients. 



Cancer CARE Centre 

in 2017 you helped us to raise an incredible €417,402 towards the cost of the Cancer CARE Centre. We have no raised over €1,250,000 for the project to date. Thank you for investing in the future of cancer care in Cork. 


St. Therese’s Medical Oncology Ward 

As a ward that treats over 3,000 cancer patients each year, St Therese’s has benefitted massively from your support every year. In 2017 new Electric profiling beds for every patient and new medical equipment have helped both patients and staff.


Patient Assistance Funds

In 2017 our various Patient Assistance Funds provided funding of €30,000 through the Social Work Department. These funds provide support to patients experiencing financial and personal difficulties as a result of a cancer diagnosis or perhaps a chronic illness in their family. 


























Thank you for helping us!