Where do funds raised go?

Building the future on the success of the past
The Mercy Foundation was formed just 8 years ago, and in its eight years of fundraising, has made a transformative contribution to the Hospital.
In 2015 alone, over €793,900 worth of equipment and services was provided to The Mercy raised through the generosity of the public – through events, appeals and partnerships – from people who care about the integral part The Mercy plays in the life of Cork and its people.

The Mercy Hospital’s Centre for Gastroenterology is one of the National Bowel Screening Centres and is the Regional Centre for Cork, Kerry and Waterford. In 2015, the Foundation funded Specialist Nursing and Research Staff in the Department and non-invasive tests which are used to differentiate between Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in patients.

Dementia Care
Dementia affects 30% of older people admitted to the Hospital. At the Mercy Hospital, we are making changes and improvements to reduce the challenges that patients with dementia face when in hospital with your help and the support of GENIO. These changes help to maintain a patient’s level of function & improve quality of life. Our aim is for the Mercy to be a dementia friendly hospital.

The Mercy Hospital’s Urology Department is made up of St. John’s Urology Unit and St. John’s Men’s Health Unit. Projects funded in 2015 include a nurse in Men’s Health Rapid Access Clinic; ‘Newly Diagnosed Patient Information Packs’ for men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer; and cystoscopes for Urology (provide clear images during urologic procedures).

Heart and Stroke
In this country, 10,000 people lose their life every year to cardiovascular disease. In 2015, the Foundation helped heart and stroke patients and their medical teams by funding a new 4D echocardiogram (used to determine the presence of many types of heart disease) and resources used in the rehabilitation of stroke patients.

Cancer Research
The Mercy Hospital Foundation is supporting a Cancer Research Programme in the Hospital.

Kids + Teens
In 2015, the Foundation helped our youngest patients by funding: Advanced Paediatrics Life Support Training for staff; the POONS Mobile Service (Oncology Nurse visiting children in their own homes to administer treatment); iPads for distraction therapy for Paediatrics in A&E; iPads for our POONS nurses; Easter Eggs for Children’s Ward;
Assistance towards the Annual Memorial Mass (for families of children who passed away at Mercy University Hospital and Cork University Hospital); Patient Assistance Programme (fund to help families in financial need); and re-painting rooms in the Children’s Leukaemia Unit.

Medical Oncology
St. Therese’s Oncology Ward at The Mercy is visited by patients and families during what can be the most difficult time in their lives. In 2015, the Foundation funded various projects and services here in an effort to make the cancer journey just a little easier for people. These included: new triple pumps (used to administer chemotherapy); re-painting the entire ward; TVs and reading material; Patient Assistance Programme for Oncology Patients; and new Christmas decorations for the ward.

Care of Older Patients

In 2015, the Foundation funded a number of projects to enhance the Hospital experience for our older patients. Money was spent on new shrubbery and plants in the garden that our older patients look out onto; framing old pictures of Cork in an effort to help patients reminisce about Cork in the old days; items for the newly refurbished Day Room, including an old-style radio/clock and some items for a sensory box.

Nursing Post
Providing an additional nursing post in the Hospital.

Other Smaller Projects:
Training and Resources for Physiotherapy Department
Resources for the Family Room in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
End-of-Life Care Resources (Family Hand-Over Bags)
Pain Management Projects

Thank you for helping us!