The Mercy ICU Appeal

2017 – 2020 – We need your help to raise €250,000

The Intensive Care Unit and Operating Theatres at MUH carry out the most invasive procedures and treatments on the sickest patients in the hospital. They care for critically ill patients of every age fighting to regain their health.

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Treatment: It is vital that our experienced medical teams have access to the very best equipment to give every patient the chance to recover from the disease or illness affecting them as quickly as possible. 

Care: Our values include ‘Partnership’ and that is why it is so important to us that whilst we are investing in state-of-the-art equipment that those who care for critically ill patients, our nurses, are also supported. We want to support their education so that they can be empowered to improve and grow their passion for their area of work so that they can become the champions of excellence in Intensive Care.

Funds that you donate will deliver life-saving improvements such as:

Ultrasound Scanners x 2 (1 for Theatre and 1 for ICU) – €50,000

These cutting-edge scanners will facilitate the safe placement of medical devices like Central Lines (a central line is a long, thin, flexible tube used to give life-saving medicines, fluids, nutrients, or blood products).  They will help our doctors to carry out these procedures in a safer way and can help to reduce the risk of strokes occurring in some patients during these procedures.

Cardiac ECHO for ICU – €50,000

Echocardiography provides valuable information to doctors assessing and managing critically ill patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). A Cardiac ECHO can provide the cardiologist with a fast, non-invasive and safe assessment of the cardiovascular status of the patient on ICU i.e. their heart health. 

Specialist Education and Training of our Theatre and ICU Nurses – €50,000

Investing funds in the most up to date equipment in our Theatres and ICU is vital to ensure patients are given the best possible chance but the Nursing and Theatre Staff at MUH are our greatest asset. It is vitally important that they are able to access training and education to enable them to be the best that they can be for patients. 

TIVA Pumps x 3 – €5,000 each

International research suggests that using TIVA Pumps to deliver an anaesthetic called Propofol can reduce the risk of cancer spreading in a patient with cancer and can also help patients to recover more quickly from the effects of the anaesthetic over a conventional inhaled anaesthetic. 

Patient Temperature Control System – €30,000

There is increasing evidence that patients who have had a cardiac arrest may be less brain-damaged by the event if their bodies are cooled to lower than normal temperatures for a period of time soon after the cardiac arrest. Cooling was first included in 2010 as a part of the advanced cardiac support life support protocol of the American Heart Association. A Patient Temperature Control System will help medical staff to maintain the individual’s body temperature before, during and after an operation and especially may protect the patient from various complications that may occur as a result of hypothermia. 

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